Corvette 86-96 Glass Window




Our installer has been making and installing convertible tops since 1968 and everything that he has learned in over 5 decades is now at your fingertips.

Watch him install your top, not in a professional shop with expensive tools, but in a home garage with average DIY tools like you will be using.

Don’t take the chance of ruining your top. We will show you the screws, nuts, bolts and techniques that you may never discover alone.

We will teach you secrets that professionals use and save you a thousand dollars in the process.

Our detailed, in depth instruction takes you step by step through the removal and installation of your convertible top.


Purchase our video download today
Our videos are very detailed and in depth. They are edited to show you the secrets that professional installers use.
They include techniques that you will never discover alone.
Script is included for the hearing impaired.


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