Helpful DVD Tutorials for Replacing Convertible Tops

When your convertible needs a new top, you can either pay a shop to have someone install it for your car or go the smart way and do it yourself. But if you haven’t tried doing it DIY style, don’t fret! Let AOK Sales help you.

We offer top-quality DVDs with tutorials on how to install convertible tops. Not only will we teach you how to replace them but also how to clean and maintain their color and texture.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in having one of the few convertible top installers that has more than 51 years of experience in the field. With his in-depth knowledge, he can execute top replacement in a simple manner. This will help you learn more in his detailed instructional videos.

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Our products are well-taped, clean, and properly edited. We also recorded our videos to assist individuals with hearing impairment. Contact us for more information. Shop now!